My name is Simi
and I'm the owner of graphic and arts studio-Simi Amit Moraly
I decided to move from the dust and soot of the big metropolis‭, ‬
to the Upper Galilee‭, ‬and open a graphic studio‭, ‬here in the Galilee region‭.  ‬My studio specialising in the design‭, ‬implementation‭, ‬creating marketing materials for businesses and its location in Kibbutz Dafna‭.‬
I have experience in advertising and I have worked in the last 10‭ ‬years
in the biggest advertising agencies in Israel‭.‬
In my work‭, ‬I acquired knowledge in the creation of marketing materials
for the large companies in the market‭.‬
I'll be happy to work with you